The Cherry Fund

The Cherry Fund, established in 1996, and located in Washington, DC, is an independent, all-volunteer led & managed 501 (c) 3 organization. The sole purpose of the Fund is to raise monies for service-based non-profit organizations serving the LGBT community of Washington and beyond. “ Since its inception, The Cherry Fund has raised more than $1.3 Million dollars for area LGBTQIA non-profit organizations within the HIV/AIDS and Mental Health Communities.

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5thApr, 2024

Return to Oz

Let Cherry transport you back to time and place when Cherry was fresh on the scene in the District’s OZ nightlife! An unreal time for many, full of magic and fantasy to be found on legendary dance floors of days gone by. A sound o ...

Washington, DC 20004

Friday, Apr 5th 2024

Starts at 10:00PM EST

$40 - $200 USD
6thApr, 2024


Dive down the rabbit hole with us for a night where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and the impossible seems merely fun! "Wonderland" is not just a party; it's an adventure into a world where everything is upside-down and insi ...

Washington, DC 20018

Saturday, Apr 6th 2024

Starts at 10:00PM EST

$60 - $200 USD
7thApr, 2024


Cherry and Flashy throw their infamous after hours as they team up w/ the iconic Morobito & Calagna to bring you a morning like no other. A Kaleidoscope of late night sounds and sweat to a rooftop sunrise party with Flashy’s own D ...

Washington, DC 20001

Sunday, Apr 7th 2024

Starts at 4:00AM EST

$65 - $200 USD
7thApr, 2024


If you’ve been to a Nina Flowers closing party for Cherry. You know sis, Nina serves it hard and fabulous! This time, Ed Wood joins Nina as these two dear friends give us a lavish closing party unlike any other. Cherries, this inf ...

Washington, DC 20036

Sunday, Apr 7th 2024

Starts at 10:00PM EST

$50 - $200 USD