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Hosted by The Company, Good Times is a community-based show held in the Bay Area that aims to uplift, engage, and connect artists of all backgrounds through movement, performances, and connections. Good Times, formerly known as UP, started in 2003 as a collaboration between WSPA’s (Westlake School for the Performing Arts) hip-hop team, Xplicit, and WSPA’s Polynesian department. The show’s initial intention was to bring a dance performance that both uplifted each of the departments and also offered a show that differentiated from WSPA’s annual recitals. In 2005, The Company was born and continued to collaborate for several years with the Polynesian program now called Te Orama under the leadership of Kumu Hula Anthony Waipa Manaois. UP, under the direction of The Company, became the community-based show we now know and love, while Te Orama hosts their annual luau and showcase of their own to this day. Over the years, our show has evolved, but our love for dance, art, and people has remained constant. Our show has become a home for not just other dance teams, but for crews, projects, artists, and audiences from all walks of life to come together and celebrate one another. As we celebrate the 20th anniversary of our show's existence, we felt it was time to change its name to better reflect our intentions. Over the years, we've centered our values around different themes such as "The Meeting Point", "Share Love Spread Love", and "Be The Light". With this in mind, we have chosen to rebrand our show as "Good Times", paying tribute to the positive experiences, camaraderie, and love that we've fostered and aim to continue to bring to our community in an authentic and genuine way. For more information on our new name, click here! We are committed to fostering a space that cultivates our values of genuine experiences and connections while providing a safe place for artists to continue to share their craft with our community and the world.

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